A browser extension that displays the most popular cheers, jeers, and emotes used by the stream viewers.
A new way to experience chat

ShoutMatch fits in your chat window and shows you the most popular phrases being said in real-time. When users write messages, ShoutMatch's algorithm finds and shows the most recent trending phrases. Phrases and emotes grow in size and intensity as their popularity increases, so you always know what the crowd is thinking.

High res emotes & stats

View your favorite emotes in high res (older emotes do not have high res versions) and track their usage using the emote stats window. Full support for BTTV and FrankerFaceZ emotes and GIFs.


ShoutMatch can overlay on top of the stream while in fullscreen mode so that you never miss a chat reaction.

Dark theme

Themes to match all different site styles.

Run your own polls

Start polls that let users vote directly with their chat messages. Results are automatically tracked and displayed as they come in.

Track phrases and emotes

Create watch panels to track phrases and emotes and see the individual users behind the roar of the crowd.

Follow @users and #groups

Track messages from individual users and groups, such as the broadcaster, admins, and subscribers.