• CrowdCast renamed to ShoutMatch
  • ShoutMatch now available for Firefox
  • New changelog located here: https://brutefarce.net/shoutmatch-changelog
  • Updated css stylings
  • Dialog/window settings are remembered in both normal and fullscreen modes
  • Extension permissions changed to allow for future multi-site support (Mixer and YouTube are currently planned)


  • Fixed CrowdCast not loading due to Twitch site changes.


  • Fixed bits causing bad things to happen


  • Fixed CrowdCast not being visible in fullscreen mode.


  • Fixed CrowdCast not expanding when it should expand.


  • Fixed another loading issue.


  • Another fix for BTTV emotes.


  • Fixed BTTV emotes and emojis. Fixed CrowdCast sometimes running at hyperspeed.


  • Fixed CrowdCast window being too small when initially loaded.


  • Fixed CrowdCast to work with the new Twitch site. There are still many bugs and styling issues, I’ll be fixing those as I go along. I just wanted to get it working.


  • Fixed an issue where CrowdCast couldn’t find chat messages unless BTTV is also installed.


  • Fixed a bug that caused CrowdCast to not load at times.


  • Fixed the message reference window being blank at times.


  • Fixed a math bug that caused some archive values to not get updated correctly over time.


  • High resolution emote support!
  • CrowdCast will now use high res emotes if they are available (many old emotes do not have high res versions).
    • This does not currently apply to GIFs due to performance reasons. I’ll be trying to figure this out in the future.
    • This required adding frankerfacez.com to the extension permissions.
    • Please contact me if you find any issues or bugs.
  • Bubble growth has been changed. Bubble growth and sizes are now based on the current CrowdCast window size.
  • Bubbles can now grow much larger and are more proportional with the number of references they contain.
  • Performance improvements.
  • Updated the donation link to use streamlabs.com here: https://twitch.streamlabs.com/crowdcast


  • Only the top emote and the top message will get shine effects.


  • Now more aggressively removing deleted chat messages.


  • Added a custom background color option. This should make it easy for streamers to chroma key out the background.


  • Another fix for fullscreen mode. (Stop changing things, will ya?)


  • Fixed fullscreen mode not working.


  • Fixed BTTV emojis not showing up.


  • Fixed emojis not getting scaled correctly (better FFZ support).
  • Algorithm fixes and improvements.
  • Fixed bit dialogs showing up in watch dialogs.


  • Fixed emote names showing up next to their images.


  • Fixed Twitch sticky messages/alerts showing up in watch dialogs.


  • Added a minimize button to the main window and the dialogs. CrowdCast will remain minimized until it’s maximized.
  • Fixed a few bugs related to full screen mode.
  • Lots of visual bug fixes (especially when resizing dialogs).
  • Fixed CrowdCast not opening at times when navigating to highlights or previous broadcasts.
  • Fixed a bug that would sometimes cause CrowdCast to run at 2x speed after switching streams.


  • Fixed a minor display bug with the Emote Stats dialog settings.


  • Added a setting that allows you to disable fullscreen mode.
  • Fixed not being able to see the theme options while in fullscreen mode.
  • Minor color tweaks.


  • Added color themes. Look in the settings!
  • Tweaks to existing color theme.


  • Fixed emotes not showing up.


  • Added fullscreen mode!
  • CrowdCast will now overlay on top of the stream when you expand the stream to fullscreen.
  • The slider at the bottom of CrowdCast controls the transparency of the message bubbles.
  • Likely to be a little buggy. Send me any feedback you have!


  • Fixed CrowdCast not opening if you switch streams.
  • CrowdCast now works in embedded chatrooms (e.g. multitwitch.tv).
  • Added an option to limit the number of emotes shown in the Emote Stats dialog.
  • Added an option to always show the most popular emote in the Emote Stats dialog.


  • Fixed polls and watch dialogs not getting updated.


  • Fixed a bug that would cause CrowdCast to not load for some users.
  • Performance improvements (especially for large copypastas).
  • Updated icon and manifest (permissions tightened slightly).


  • Added emote stats (smiley face icon).
  • KPM (Kappa per minute): How many times a certain emote has been referenced in the past minute. An emote is only counted once per chat line. For example:
  • CrowdCast: Kappa Kappa PogChamp = 1 reference for Kappa and 1 reference for PogChamp.
  • Total: How many times the emote has been referenced since you opened the chat. The same reference rule for KPM is used here as well.
  • If there are a lot of emotes referenced (usually around the > 100 area), the emote stats dialog can cause a bit of lag. I will be providing methods to filter it down in future updates.
  • Lots of style and icon updates/cleanup.
  • Performance improvements (especially in streams with large amounts of dank memes and copypasta).
  • Fixed a bug that would cause the tab to hang briefly if it had been in the background for a long time.


  • Added BTTV gif emote support!
    • The gif format is pretty janky so there are going to be some gifs that don’t display properly yet but I’ll try to fix any issues I come across.
    • Due to needing some specific image information and manipulation, this change required me to include betterttv.net in the extension permissions. See here for more in-depth reasoning: https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Web/HTTP/Access_control_CORS.
  • Improved algorithm calculations. Older bubbles should now go away sooner. (I will continue tweaking the algorithm so let me know what you think.)
  • Lots of fixes for styling and image display issues.


  • Fixed permissions being too greedy.
  • Added Dark Mode.
  • Added ReChat support.


  • Initial release
  • Started out with an ugly version number.