ShoutMatch: A Twitch chat extension for Firefox and Chrome

I released ShoutMatch some time ago but just now realized that I never made a post about it.

ShoutMatch fits in your Twitch chat window and show you the most popular phrases being said in chat in real-time.

Check it out here:

Download for Firefox:

Download for Chrome:

This Past Week: Flyro in the News

Featured by Apple

Flyro launched in the “New & Noteworthy” list in the US.  This week it made it into the “What’s Hot” category and is in the Top 100 Games in the US!


We’ve gotten a lot of positive reviews, here are a few of them:

“With a soundtrack from composer Mike Morasky (Portal 2, Left 4 Dead), beautiful graphics, and addictive game play, Brute Farce’s Flyro takes a new spin to the endless runner game and comes out with a real winner. Do check out Flyro.” – TUAW

“Flyro is an endless runner that is sure to delight all gamers with its unique charm. […] With controls like this, it’s incredibly intuitive for any gamer.” – AppAdvice, 5/5

“With difficulty that scales based on your skill level and a complete absence of any sort of pay-to-win gimmick, Flyro is a clear winner no matter how you look at it!” – JayIsGames

“Just when you think that endless runners have been done to death, there inevitably comes a title that shows you that spins can yet be put on the genre made popular by Temple Run. And doing that this time is Flyro, an endless flyer from Brute Farce, that has kept us hooked to our iPhones (no, there’s no iPad version as yet) for a couple of days now.” – TechPP

If you haven’t gotten it yet, you can get Flyro on the iPhone App Store here.


Flyro complete!

We (finally!!!) submitted Flyro to Apple for review and are just waiting for them to approve it.  We’ll be able to put it up on the App Store very soon!  During this wait, you can offer yourself 2 minutes of possible-but-not-guaranteed amusement by checking out our trailer here:

For the remainder of the wait, we recommend rubbing a cat’s belly or doing something that builds character.